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Stanley Ciemniecki

Managing Director, Capital Markets
New York, NY

Stan previously managed Lehman Brothers’ Municipal Syndicate Group for fourteen years, as well as serving as an underwriter at Salomon and Moore, Schley, Cameron and Company. With over twenty five years of underwriting and banking experience, Stan is an established and long-tenured municipal professional in the industry. As the Yuba Group’s Capital Markets Managing Director, Stan is in daily contact with the market and provides valuable insight into rate trends, investor preferences and other market factors affecting both tax-exempt and taxable securities, with the focused goal of assisting our issuer clients in obtaining the most attractive terms for their securities—regardless of whether bonds are sold on a competitive or negotiated basis.

To this end, his primary roles during the pricing process include:
• Facilitating clear and transparent communication between the underwriting team and Yuba’s clients;
• Generating consensus among underwriting team members;
• Serving as a client’s advocate within the market and coordinating investor requests; and
• Price checking and providing an independent pricing opinion.

Stan has also served as the chairman of the SIFMA Trading and Syndicate Committee, a governor of the Municipal Forum of New York and the president of the Municipal Bond Club of New York. He is a graduate of Lafayette College.

Municipal Advisor Licenses:
Series 50 Municipal Advisor

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